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27 Feb 2013


I've just spent 5 days in Lithuania to see where a volunteer might live and work and it's a great opportunity for someone.

Lithuania was having a mild spell so it wasn't too cold - it reminded me of my 3 winters in Canada. The Sisters were so welcoming and the school is a great place to work, offering the same opportunities to children with physical and mental disabilities. There are other avenues of service too, in the parish social centre,  the nearby village and more. And a chance to live with and get to know young Lithuanian adults.

Lithuania is the centre of Europe, according to French geographers, and a hidden gem, and English is widely spoken, though you would need and want to learn the language. If you'd like to volunteer in a country close to home but very different in history and culture, then this might be the place to share your gifts. More details on the Lithuania page.