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15 Sep 2016

Summer Volunteering

This summer we enabled three people to volunteer during the summer holidays with Assumption in Italy, France and England. We hope to offer the same and more next summer.

Ellen worked in a children's summer school in Italy:

“The experience was amazing, I felt well and truly looked after throughout the whole time I was there. We would start the summer school about 8:30am. It was very pleasant to be woken up by the sound of the sisters singing hymns and praying in the morning. I would have a breakfast of Italian coffee, bread, biscuits and fruit. The summer school would usually be a day full of organised games, breaks and then free play. There was a pool where we would spend some of the afternoons swimming. All in all a lovely trip and I am looking forward to possibly going back next year! " Read more

Hannah worked in an international hostel in Paris:

"Staying in Paris has been wonderful and I have had the opportunity to live very central, having time to explore by myself and go on tours around the city with others. We have visited several beautiful churches and museums and learnt of their history. Volunteering with the Assumptionist community has been a fun and very valuable experience and I would highly recommend it to others."  Read more

Sophia spent 5 weeks in the Pendower Good Neighbour Project in Newcastle:

"Volunteering at Pendower has enlightened me as to how to live my life in harmony with others for both their well-being and mine; co-existing as social creatures by nature, which is one of our greatest abilities bestowed upon us by God. This past August, for me, was so rewarding that I found myself able to finish my dissertation and a big assignment with ease, which in turn has made me decide to extend my stay here until the end of December." Read more.