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14 Aug 2017

New Volunteers 2017

Finished our training week for five volunteers going overseas with Assumption, Jesuit Missions and Salesians.

Photo: Orientation 2017 volunteers preparing for Philippines, Tanzania and Vietnam. 

We again had an excellent orientation week with the Lay Missionary and Volunteer Network (July 21-28) for volunteers preparing to go overseas with our organisations. Combining our training means we can pool our resources, expertise and speakers to produce a wonderful training experience. Highlights included the day in Southall visiting a mosque, gurdwara and temple, speaking with returned volunteers, the culture and conflict resolution sessions - and more. 

Assumption Volunteers Judy and Visitation who will be leaving for the Philippines on 31 August commented:

“I did not know really what to expect from the Orientation with the AVs and co. but it was a wonderful, full experience which left me feeling like I had become part of a real community and have been well-prepared for my up-coming trip. I was equipped with a lot of tools for the task ahead! It truly was a blessed week and I was privileged to have met such wonderful individuals.” (Judy)

“I reflect on the Orientation week and many thoughts flood into my mind. After hours of talks, prayers, reflections and coffee breaks ... we all learned so much from each other and from the guest speakers. God has prepared our hearts so that that the seeds that have been sown during the week can grow wide and full and be very fruitful, hopefully! Exhausted but more prepared for the adventures ahead - what a week!” (Visitation)

We also look forward to welcoming five volunteers to the UK on 8 September for a year in Newcastle with Kids Kabin and the Pendower Good Neighbour Project.