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13 Jul 2018

Wonderful experience at the chapter

I was privileged and happy to attend the first week of the Sisters' chapter in Lourdes as one of 16 lay delegates.The internationality is a blessing

The theme of the chapter was: “Impelled by the Spirit, let us risk being at the frontiers at the service of life.” This made us eager to watch and listen as the 19 provinces presented the good news of their ministries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Everything was in three languages and we prayed our liturgies in a Pentecost of tongues.
During the week we discussed Assumption Together - sisters and lay people working together to transform our society according to the Gospel – each country with its own charism. It was so good to meet the sisters to whom we send volunteers and from whom we receive and to talk over possible new placements. A long talk with the Provincial of Rwanda is opening up new possibilities there and I hope that we can receive volunteers from new parts of the world. 
The international character of the Assumption gives energy, hope, and a new enthusiasm for our ministries. The emphasis is on people at the margins and I hope that Assumption Volunteers can continue to be a part of their mission.