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29 Oct 2019

Volunteer in Belgium

Do you have a GCSE or A-Level in French and want to volunteer in a country where you can become more fluent? There are two projects in Belgium for a French-speaking volunteer; Helen, the AV coordinator in England, went to see them in October. 

In Brussels there is a project called Welcome Babbelkot, a social cohesion project for migrants. A volunteer would help the children to adapt to the new culture through games, help with homework and outings, and also help the adults with literacy. The volunteer would need a good level of French and a keenness to experience life in a different European country, make new friends and improve their language fluency. 

 In Tournai, a beautiful small medieval town, there is a day project with adults with learning disability. This needs some French ability but not as much as Brussels. The volunteer would help in all aspects of care and education and trips out and would live in a student community in a huge house shared by the sisters, priests, students, European volunteers and guests in the centre of town. Again there is scope for new friendships and greater fluency. 

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