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Volunteer Stories

Aimee in UK Pendower

"Such a welcome made me say, 'The weather here up north may be too cold but the people are sincerely warm'."

Cath in Philippines

"I came to help others and in fact it was I who had been helped. I came to teach but I was the one who has been taught."

Chris in Philippines

"We can always learn so much from each other if we just have an open heart"

Claire in Philippines

"The people and children of the Philippines have filled my life with love and happiness. I will never forget them, I love them and I will miss them."

Jeff in UK Walker

"Every day here is an opportunity to change and to be changed."

John in Philippines

"All I can say here is that it was a journey I will never forget and my privilege to walk amongst such fine men of God."

Lauren in UK Walker

"The freedom I’ve found to be myself, the love and complete fulfillment from my work, and the community of friends I’ve built are all things I don’t want to leave behind."  

Martin in Brazil

"It is my second home and people here are already like part of my family. Thank you for the chance to be there!"

Mayumi in Tanzania

"Since I came here I've been thinking - what is poverty? Not having TV? Not having mobile? No of course nothing like that."

Melissa in UK Walker

"Shattering stereotypes is the first step to promoting greater understanding between cultures."

Myra in UK Walker

"What a lasting impact we can make in our neighborhoods when we center our hearts on the community".

Neal in Philippines

"I feel so lucky to be able to spend a year in this beautiful but very hot country and it still feels like I'm dreaming. I'm trying to say YES! to everything."

Rebecca in Lithuania

"I am so happy that I came here; it is a very beautiful place and lovely culture and language. I think that the biggest lesson for me personally has been to be part of a real community. The experience is quite challenging sometimes but very worthwhile."

Stephanie in India

"We had a school trip for class 3-6 to Calicut, the nearest big city which is on the coast. The children were so excited as we met at 6.30am to begin our journey. They definitely kept everyone entertained with all their singing and even dancing on the bus, at times I wondered if I was on a party bus not a school trip!

Rebecca in UK Walker

"While living in an impoverished neighborhood has its challenges, I have been overwhelmingly blessed throughout this entire year"