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Who is the Assumption Volunteer Programme for?

  • People who are willing to take up the challenge of living in a culture that is very different to their own and who want to share in the lives of the poor, the young and the marginalised, either in the U.K or with Assumption communities around the world.
  • Those with a sense of personal search and openness to unfamiliar ways of working - ways that value people for who they are, not what they do.

It is not about the provision of professional services, but the mutual sharing of skills and lives.

What requirements do I need to meet? 

  • aged 18+ 
  • ready to make a commitment of a one-year project
  • willing to adapt their skills and talents in service
  • wanting to share in the daily life of poor communities
  • living the values of justice, service and global family
  • respectful of others' religious faith
  • able to live simply 

 What if I live abroad? 

If you do not live in the U.K but you live in a country overseas with an Assumption Volunteer Programme (Philippines, USA, France…) and you want to serve in our projects, you must apply to the Assumption in your own country. They also send volunteers to the same projects as we do, including our U.K projects. Find more information on their websites:

Philippines:  facebook page  
USA:    http://www.assumptionvolunteers.org
France:  http://www.assomption-ra.org/fr

What are my other options?

If you have only have a few months free or are 18 and want a gap year before university, perhaps Assumption’s short-term projects in Italy and France may interest you.