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reparation & Training

Once you have been accepted on to the volunteer programme, you will be offered the following training - a short community experience, the Assumption weekend, and the Orientation.

A short community experience in an Assumption Community in England

Live a few days with the Sisters and join in their life and work. Some of them have worked overseas or visited the communities there. Talk to them about any aspect of volunteering with Assumption Volunteers.

The Assumption Weekend 

children in schoolMeet the Assumption Sisters whose programmes overseas you will be involved in. Who are they, what do they value and what is their special charism? What will it be like to work as an Assumption volunteer overseas?

During the weekend we look at the ethos and values of the Assumption sisters and returned volunteers will also be present to tell you about their experiences of living and working with the Assumption.

The Orientation course

A week-long residential course for volunteers from several organisations in the Lay Missionary and Volunteer Network. Sessions include: transitions, managing relationships, living and working in groups, culture, justice and peace, communication and conflict resolution, health, child protection awareness, spirituality of volunteering, visit to a place of worship of another faith, and more. 

A highlight is the visit of returned volunteers who share their experiences, and it is an opportunity to live community, make friends and give and receive support.

Photos: Orientation July 2018

The next orientation/training course will be in July 2020 in Kensington.