I came to teach but I am the one who has been taught


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The Country

The Philippines, a nation of more than 7000 islands with a history of eastern and western influences, offers an unforgettable experience of living in a community-based culture and immersion in the lives of ordinary Filipinos. The 2 official languages are English and Tagalog, though there are more than 170 other distinct languages. There are 100 million people (40 million under 18) of whom 20% are below the international poverty line. Many people work overseas and send money to their families (10% of GDP is from overseas workers) and this has huge implications for family life. With 82% Catholic, 9% other Christian, 5% Muslim and 3% other religions, faith and festivals are hugely important. 


 The Volunteers

  • There are a variety of youth and community-based projects available in the Philippines.
  • Our partner in the Philippines is AMA (Associate Missionaries of the Assumption) which recruits service-oriented young professionals (Filipino and foreign) who are willing to offer a year or two of service by teaching or engaging in community work in the different Assumption communities and apostolic ministries of the Church throughout the country. Their main apostolate is the education and formation of the poor and the young.
  • The projects vary from year to year. A volunteer needs to be ready to serve wherever they are placed.

There are also short-term opportunities offered with AMA, starting any time during the year from 2 weeks - 6 months.