I came to teach but I am the one who has been taught


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Glenda in BiramboIn Rwanda there are two rural schools we have sent volunteers to: one in the village of Birambo, near Kibuye in the West of the country and the other in Rwaza, near Ruhengeri, which is nearer to the capital, Kigali. Both schools are High Schools although the classes that volunteers will teach are mixed ages and abilities with students ranging from 11 to over 16. English teachers are particularly welcome as Rwanda is becoming trilingual with French and Kinyarwanda and all teaching is now done in English. Around the two villages are other projects that volunteers can become involved in, including an orphanage and a dispensary.

Volunteer Requirements

Rwanda's recent tragic history is well-known and each person, adult and child, is marked by what has happened. Volunteers need sensitivity, maturity and patience, to be adaptable and able to live simply. They no longer need a good understanding of French.

Volunteers will be teaching in the classroom and a PGCE or other Secondary School teaching qualification would be useful but not essential. Those with creative English and group skills can also take groups of young people for drama, clubs and creative arts through the school. There may also be scope for teaching adults.