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UK Pendower

The Good Neighbour Project is a community-development project for the Pendower housing estate in West Newcastle which was built as “Homes for Heroes” after the First World War but now struggles with long-term unemployment and lack of opportunity and the many social problems these bring.

The project began in 1998 as an initiative of the local churches to build community in the estate. Now the Sunnybank Centre, made up of two semi-detached houses and a community garden, is the centre for activities for all the residents: toddlers, children, parents and the elderly. The project is staffed by a project worker, part-time staff and two resident volunteers.

The Good Neighbour Project Mission

“Building on our Christian inspiration we will enable the community to develop Pendower as an attractive estate: 

+ Where people want to live
+ Where children & young people have the opportunity to develop their potential
+ Where older people are supported to remain in the community
+ Where everyone's contributions are valued”

Volunteers live in the Sunnybank Centre and commit to being "Good Neighbours" on the estate and form supportive relationships with residents of all ages and backgrounds through sharing the activities of daily life. They assist with the sessions, after-school activities, community events, holiday activities, gardening, producing the newsletter, and are active members of one of the local church congregations (Anglican, Catholic, Baptist…)

Our resident volunteers are people who can live and work flexibly; no specific educational qualifications are required, only openness, enthusiasm, a love of people and a willingness to live in international community, to use their talents in a variety of activities and join in the life of one of the local churches. Volunteers have come from Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Korea, Philippines, UK and USA.

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