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UK Walker - Newcastle

  • Volunteers work in Kids Kabin and are also involved in Wor Hoose, a community project for all the people living nearby.
  • Kids Kabin is a children’s charity based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. They use creative arts and practical hands-on projects to give children living in disadvantaged communities a chance to achieve. They work with schools during the day, developing creative projects to complement the curriculum, then in the afternoons, evening and school holidays, they run creative and practical workshops on the streets using innovative mobile workshops at the main centre in Walker and in community venues cross Newcastle. They also run wild camps and bike rides in Northumberland and the Scottish borders. The international volunteers are an important resource for Kids Kabin to help provide the wide variety of creative activities and the support that individual kids need to turn their ideas into reality.




  • Kids Kabin works with children from some of the most disadvantaged areas of Newcastle bringing creative opportunities and positive and practical learning experiences into heart of these neighbourhoods.
  • Mission Statement:

Kids Kabin recognises the dignity of everyone and aims to contribute to the regeneration of areas of economic disadvantage by providing facilities for young people to discover their talents and enhance their skills and sense of self-work by taking part in fun and educational creative activities.

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As of 2021, our volunteers in Walker are from the Philippines, USA, Russia and Namibia.